She Evangelizes Through Decor

Sandra has always been enthusiastic about sharing the message of God’s love, but she never imagined that her passion for evangelization would turn into a full-fledged ministry – through home décor, no less!


The Cup of Blessings, Sandra’s labor of love, began in 2018. For years, she had been inspired to create items that could direct others to God. Custom t-shirts, mugs, or signs, she explains, can all be used as tools to plant seeds of faith.

“It’s giving them what they need wrapped in what they want,” she says with a smile. “Someone can come into a home and see an item, and it can reach where sometimes our own words can’t.”

Initially, Sandra tried to team up with others to create her custom designs, but time and time again, she was turned down. Eventually, she spoke with a priest who issued her a challenge:

“If God has put something on your heart, it’s because He wants you to do it.”

Sandra contemplated this prayerfully and decided to accept the mission that God was offering her. Along with the help of her husband and son, she began to devote her time and energy to building up The Cup of Blessings, and the fruits of this work have been overwhelming.


“When we first got started,” Sandra relates, “I did t-shirts, and the first one I did said, ‘I am loved.’”


Little did she know that when she arrived at the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Conference to sell her wares, one of the scheduled speakers would be inspired by the shirt to devote her talk to the topic of God’s love.


“She and her husband wore the shirt and tied the whole retreat to it – and people felt moved by it!”


Shortly afterward, Sandra’s husband wore the same t-shirt to work.
That day, he was approached by a co-worker who asked if he could have it. The man was going through a difficult separation from his wife and children,
and he wanted to give his wife the shirt as a present, because she had been telling him that she didn’t feel loved. It was the first step in a long process, but eventually, the couple reconciled.

“The more I do this, the more I see God’s hand at work,” Sandra affirms. “I’ve had wonderful experiences.”


When asked about what inspires her, she immediately responds, “The Holy Spirit. I start my day in prayer asking Him to give me ideas, and He always does.”


These ideas come to her through several avenues – people, Scripture passages, or signs, to name a few – but the one thing they all have in common is their ability to reach beyond our capabilities, into the hearts of others.


“Parents and grandparents come up to me and say, ‘I need this because my children are away from the church and I can’t give them such a strong message. I need something gentle.’”


The items found at The Cup of Blessings are indeed, “gentle whispers of God’s messages.” This is because Sandra approaches each item through the lens of ministry and prays for those who will receive and see them.


Her prayer, and her mission, is simple:


“I pray that they will be touched,” she says. “To know Christ’s love.”


You can find Sandra online at her website, on Facebook, or in person at the 2020 Dynamic Women of Faith Conference

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